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Up to now A.T.A.C. has played the role of representing and advocating for individual families in crisis. We have been successful in a few cases, and have generated a lot of publicity for our clients and about autism generally.

Our experience is that without broad support, both in the autistic community and from the general public, Governments will make no major commitments to spend money on our children.

A.T.A.C. believes that the time is right to take our services Statewide in order to generate a major campaign in order to get services for Tasmanian children with autism.

To test the support for our proposals we propose to organise a Speaking Out Conference during 2008.

At this conference, families who have children with autism will be able to tell their stories.

It is more than time that the failure to provide services for our children, and the consequences of this neglect, are exposed to all Tasmanians.

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