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ATAC is a small group of people who have come together to support and advocate on behalf of children on the autistic spectrum. We advocate on behalf of families in crisis, and we also provide advocacy services for any family that needs support whether they are in crisis or not.

We do this with, for example, Government Services, Ministers of the Crown, and Service Providers. We also appear on behalf of families in the Children's Division of the Magistrate's Court.

There is NO CHARGE for these services. We are only too aware how intimidating the process of trying to gain support and a fair go for our children can be. Bureaucrats all too frequently focus on everything but the child's needs, and ignore the desperation of families trying to negotiate through these complex processes in their attempt to gain support for their children. .

A.T.A.C. is also very aware of how isolated families of children with ASD can be. By giving assistance to those who need it, we hope to provide meaningful support and to help end this isolation. The more we come into contact with families of such children, the more we realise just how many people are affected by this disorder, and of the huge negative impact it has on ourlives.

CLICK HERE to find out how to contact us by email, by phone or by ordinary mail.

A.T.A.C. will also arrange for assessment and diagnosis of children on the autistic spectrum with specialists who are world recognised in this field, thus ensuring correct diagnosis and appropriate programmes for the children concerned.

ATAC - Action for Tasmanian Autistic Children!


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